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Roof Cleaning Epping Essex (CM16): When you think about it carefully, your house or home is most likely the single biggest investment that you will ever have to make in your lifetime, and if that isn't reason enough to look after it, I'm not sure what is! Now they say that a structure is only as strong as its foundations, which gets no argument here - but the roof is equally important. And this naturally applies to any sort of home in Epping, so regardless of whether you live in a mid-terrace, semi or even a picture postcard cottage, it is crucial to keep your roof clean and in good condition.

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To avoid costly roof repair charges, you should organise a routine maintenance program from a roof cleaning company in Epping, which will actually save your hard earned cash over time. Identifying possible issues such as cracked or busted roofing tiles and other means by which water can gain access to the interior of your property, is much easier if you keeping your roof free of an accumulation of moss or debris. To ensure your home remains protected from water damage and extend your roof's longevity, regular maintenance is a crucial practice.

Roof Cleaning Epping Essex (CM16)

The accumulation of moss, lichen, algae, and dirt on roofs in Epping makes the hiring of a roof cleaning company a common necessity. As these issues are nearly inescapable, almost every roof will face them eventually. Though you might consider using a pressure washer to clean your roof yourself, be wary of the potential mess and the chance of tile damage if you're not extremely cautious.


Moss, a captivating non-flowering plant commonly encountered in natural settings all over the world, goes beyond being merely a green blanket. It spreads over surfaces using a complex web of minute stems, securely fixing itself in position. The propagation of moss defies the seed-based approach of flowering plants. Moss uses spores, microscopic in nature, which establish themselves readily wherever they come to rest. Roofs made of slate, clay and cement tiles are especially vulnerable to the damaging power of moss, which may at first seem innocuous. As moss tenaciously clings to your tiles, it continually wears away the weatherproof layer, eventually causing pitting on the surface with small pockmarks. Ignoring these pits can be a disaster waiting to happen. Over the years, they will widen into a network of cracks and splits, compromising the ability of your roof to protect your property. Vulnerable to the elements, your property in Epping could be at risk, potentially leading to leaks.


Often roof cleaning operatives in Epping will clear the majority of this moss by hand. This is a work-intensive but low-impact method of cleaning a roof, however after the work has been finished it is a lot easier to clear up the waste materials. Once the moss has been cleared from your roof, a washing solution is employed to clean the rest of the roof. A treatment can be applied after this has dried off, to exterminate any moss spores that remain on your tiles. Any algae and lichens which can build up swiftly in areas that don't get much sunlight, will also be killed off with this biocide treatment. Within the roof cleaning industry, this treatment method as a whole is referred to as "soft washing".

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If a suitable biocide treatment isn't applied, within a few months you could start to see a re-growth of moss on your roof. Through the use of the biocide treatment you should end up with a moss-free roof for at least 3 to 4 years, and if it is retreated every 24-36 months or so (as is normally advised by a roof cleaning specialist in Epping), you should have very little trouble in the future.

After your roof has been cleansed a good roof cleaning company in Epping will also scoop out any debris that's fallen into your gutters to avoid any blockages, allowing the free flow of rainwater.


A professional roof cleaning specialist will normally advise against jet washing if your home in Epping is over a certain age or your roof and tiles have been damaged in any way. When you think it over this is understandable, since it is quite possible that a high pressure jet of water will infiltrate the tiles, damage the water-resistant membrane and create problems if it makes its way into the roof space of your property. This would definitely be a quick way to discover if your roof has any leaks - however it is not a sensible strategy without seeking professional advice.

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Damage can also be caused to pointing, soffits, guttering, fascias and flashings on your roof, by the high-pressure water from a jet washer. By using a basic garden jet washer (i.e. not professional equipment), you could at the minimum compromise the weatherproof finish on your tiles and reduce their normal life expectancy, when you attempt a pressure wash on your roof.

It is now time to appreciate that there are situations where using a pressure washer on your roof may be acceptable. A professional Epping roof cleaning service will figure out the most effective plan of action, after doing a survey of your roof and establishing the extent of cleaning that's required. They might conclude that jet washing will be the cheapest and most practical solution for cleaning your roof, as long as your tiles are in a suitable state.

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The equipment that professional roof cleaning companies in Epping use, have flow pressures which can be altered to fit any conditions. This guarantees that your roof or tiles will not be damaged while the area is being cleaned. To keep your roof looking good for the next few years, as with hand cleaning, there should be a separate treatment of biocide to stop further growth of moss and algae.

In regards to roof cleaning you should always steer clear of cowboys and rogue traders, therefore if anyone you don't know raps on your door and offers to power wash your roof in Epping, you should ensure that they have proper insurance cover, and it's also sensible to ask to view references from people they have worked for in the past. Under no circumstances should thatched roofs be jet washed. You should politely reject the offer of help if this is offered by any thatched-roof cleaning service in Epping.


When checking out the various methods for cleaning your roof in Epping, the most eco-friendly alternative is steam cleaning. Strong chemicals and cleaning products are not used during the steaming process, and the high temperature steam eradicates all of the algae, moss and lichen. These days, enlightened homeowners prefer to use products that do not impact on the environment, and a range of biocide solutions have recently become available that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Bioxide is one such producer of "green" anti-fungal solution which can be applied after the steam cleaning process, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and is suitable for use on any kind of surface.

The pressure which is employed in steam cleaning a roof is a lot lower than that of a traditional power washer. The benefit of this is that the potential for damaging your roof is far lower. However, if cost is an issue, you might be influenced by the fact that in relation to roof cleaning options, steam cleaning is the most costly.


When doing a clean on your roof in Epping, whatever strategy is used, the first thing that will need to be completed is the layout of sheeting around your home to catch any falling moss, leaves and other grime. To prevent any loosened debris and muck from dropping into drainpipes and causing an obstruction, these will have to be carefully covered over, and if some form of scaffold is needed, this must be built before any work commences.

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Whomever you choose to carry out the clean should comply with all of the Health and Safety standards in regards to not damaging the environment, work at height measures, the use of protective clothing and safe chemical use. The industry does have some professional bodies which provide training and certification, and also hold details about certified and professional roof cleaning services, and these include the "BWCA" (British Window Cleaning Academy), EduPro UK and the "Roof Cleaning Institute UK".

To find a roof cleaning business you can count on, it's wise to ask for proof of references, accreditations and trade memberships when you are getting your quotes. Any dependable roof cleaning service will have no problem providing you with these details, and should have them ready to view on its printed leaflets, social media or website. If they're hesitant about providing this, it might be sensible to continue looking.

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Roof cleaning work can be done in Epping and also in: Collier's Hatch, Moreton, Fiddlers Hamlet, Epping Green, Coopersale Street, Thornwood, Bobbingworth, Nazeing, Coopersale, Tawney Common, Hobbs Cross, Abridge, as well as in these postcodes CM16 4AS, CM16 4QF, CM16 5DJ, CM16 4HA, CM16 4HS, CM16 4QA, CM16 4EL, CM16 4BZ, CM16 4AU, and CM16 5BA. Roof cleaning services from Epping will typically have the postcode CM16 and the telephone code 01992. Checking this out should confirm that you access local roof cleaning. Epping householders are spoilt for choice when searching for roof cleaning companies.

Asbestos Roof Cleaning Epping

Once widely used in construction materials due to its fire-resisting attributes, asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. However, when inhaled it's now known to be exceptionally harmful. Serious health problems, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer, can be caused by exposure to asbestos fibres.

Crucially, if your property in Epping has a roof made out of asbestos, you must ensure that it is managed safely. The dangers of cleaning an asbestos roof yourself are far too great - expert help is vital. A significant health risk is posed to yourself and others, if you disrupt asbestos fibres through methods like jet washing, which can release asbestos fibres into the air.

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We're lucky that there are better ways to deal with asbestos roofing:

  1. Vegetation Control: The potential acceleration of an asbestos roof's deterioration could occur as algae, lichen, moss, and other organic invaders trap moisture. A qualified professional can safely remove this growth by using procedures that minimise the risk of disturbing the dangerous fibres.
  2. Encapsulation: The answer to airborne asbestos issues? Try encapsulation! This method involves coating the offending roof with a sealant that binds the fibres, keeping them safely contained. Thinking long-term for your asbestos roof? Encapsulation could be the answer, but be aware, it calls for professional application and regular maintenance.
  3. Leave it Be: For an undamaged and intact asbestos roof that is causing no concerns, the safest approach is often to leave well alone. Nonetheless, routine monitoring for signs of wear and tear is essential.
  4. Asbestos Roof Replacement: Considering extensive refurbishments? Serious damage to your roof might also point towards a complete replacement. This is a complicated project that must be carried out by a certified asbestos removal specialist.
  5. Softwashing: A low-pressure application of biocide treatment is the weapon of choice in this procedure for removing moss, algae and other organic nasties from your roof. Keeping asbestos fibres undisturbed is vital, and this strategy excels at reducing that risk. For safe softwashing of an asbestos roof, entrust the task to a certified professional with the right equipment and training.

Prioritising safety and adhering to established protocols can reduce the risks associated with exposure to asbestos, despite the unique challenges presented by asbestos roofs with regards to cleaning and upkeep. Whether addressing maintenance issues or performing routine cleaning, it's important to approach asbestos roof management with a high level of caution and awareness of potential risks. Adhering to safety guidelines and seeking professional assistance when appropriate enables householders to look after their health and well-being while guaranteeing the safe management of asbestos roofs..... READ MORE. (Tags: Cleaning Asbestos Roofs in Epping, Epping Asbestos Roof Cleaning Companies, Asbestos Roof Cleaning Epping)

Flat Roof Cleaning Epping

Epping has many commercial and residential buildings with flat roofs or areas of flat roofing. Flat roofs offer a number of advantages, such as the easy installation of rooftop equipment and the usage of space, but they also require specific maintenance, including regular cleaning. Proper flat roof cleaning is crucial for maintaining the functionality, integrity and appearance of the roof.

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The lack of natural water run-off from slopes is a disadvantage of flat roofs compared to pitched roofs. The design of flat roofs makes them more prone to debris accumulation, water pooling, and the growth of algae and moss. If left untreated, these issues can lead to significant damage and reduced life-span of the roof.

Methods of flat roof cleaning:

  • Manual Cleaning: For flat roof care, beginning with the manual elimination of debris and dirt using tools such as rakes, brushes or brooms is highly effective. Consistently sweeping prevents a build-up of substances that could block water drainage.
  • Pressure Washing: For cleaning flat roofs, pressure washing can be utilised, provided that the technique and pressure setting used are suitable to prevent damage to the roofing material. Inadequate pressure washing techniques can remove protective coatings or cause leaks.
  • Chemical Treatments: To effectively eliminate algae, moss, and similar growths, certain chemical treatments are available. After applying these treatments to the roof, they need to remain for a set duration before rinsing. Choosing options that are kind to the environment minimises ecological impacts.
  • Professional Services: Considering the specific challenges presented by flat roof cleaning, engaging the services of professional cleaners is recommended. These specialists come prepared with the tools, experience and knowledge needed to clean the roof safely and meticulously.

Some significant benefits of flat roof cleaning:

  • Minimising Debris Accumulation: Debris such as dirt, leaves and branches can soon accumulate on flat roofs. Debris can block drains and create barriers to water flow over time. Regular cleaning removes obstructions and helps to prevent possible water-related issues.
  • The Prevention of Water Ponding: Flat roofs without natural drainage are liable to water pooling in low spots or depressions. Standing water is a major risk factor for structural damage, leaks, and premature deterioration of roofing materials. Adequate drainage and the prevention of water pooling on the roof are both benefits of routine cleaning.
  • Algae and Moss Control: Flat roofs, particularly those in shaded or damp areas, are susceptible to algae, moss, and other organic growth. The effectiveness of the roof in expelling water can be compromised by such growths, which can also damage roofing materials. Cleaning is essential for preventing the buildup of organisms and maintaining the integrity of the roof.
  • Extending Roof Lifespan: Substantial lifespan enhancement of a flat roof is attainable through regular cleaning. Preventive maintenance in the form of removing debris, muck, and organic growths is a wise decision to protect your roof from the financial strain of repairs and premature replacements.
In short, the prolonged durability and condition of a flat roof are reliant on thorough and proper roof cleaning. You can make sure that your flat roof remains functional and free from damage by minimising debris accumulation, preventing water ponding and controlling the growth of moss and algae. Enhancing the building's integrity and extending the roof's lifespan are direct benefits of investing in routine cleaning, which includes manual techniques, pressure washing, chemical treatments, or the use of professional roof cleaning services. (92814 - Flat Roof Cleaning Epping)

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Also find: Coopersale roof cleaning, Collier's Hatch roof cleaning, Coopersale Street roof cleaning, Abridge roof cleaning, Nazeing roof cleaning, Fiddlers Hamlet roof cleaning, Thornwood roof cleaning, Hobbs Cross roof cleaning, Epping Green roof cleaning, Moreton roof cleaning, Tawney Common roof cleaning, Bobbingworth roof cleaning and more. These and other towns and communities are serviced by roof cleaning companies and related tradesmen and women. Preventing potential damage from moss, algae or debris, enhancing visual appeal, and extending the life of your roof are all important benefits of regular roof cleaning. Investment protection and the maintenance of visual appeal are achievable when you connect with local roof cleaning companies to ensure your roof receives the attention it needs to remain in optimal condition. By going here, local homeowners can get roof cleaning estimates. Today is the perfect time to begin your roof cleaning project.

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There are a range of tasks that can be accomplished by a professional roof cleaning service in Epping, and we've outlined some examples of them here: bespoke roof cleaning Epping, skylight cleaning, graffiti removal in Epping, pressure washing in Epping, thermatech cleaning, bird deterrent installation, exterior building cleaning, window cleaning, roof moss removal Epping, EPDM roof cleaning, winter snow removal, biocide roof treatments, fascia cleaning, jet washing Epping, 5 star roof cleaning Epping, conservatory cleaning in Epping, roof sealing, landlord roof cleaning services Epping, gutter guard installation, roof cleaning price quotes, roof tile cleaning, asbestos roof cleaning, metal roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning, eco-friendly roof cleaning, gutter cleaning in Epping, asphalt roof cleaning. Listed are just a handful of the activities that are performed by those specialising in roof cleaning. Epping contractors will tell you about their entire range of cleaning services. If there are some other Epping roof cleaning requirements that you want but cannot see here, you should list them on the QUOTE FORM provided. We will be in touch with information as soon as we can.

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