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Roof Cleaning Woodley Berkshire (RG5): It is fairly likely that the most substantial investment you will have over your lifetime is your house, and although a building is only as good as its foundations (as they say), neglecting your roof's maintenance could also lead to issues too. The roof of any property in Woodley must be cleaned and maintained, irrespective of whether it's a mid-terrace, semi or even a cottage in the country.

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It is a good idea to set up a regular cleaning program for your roof, and it will probably save you cash over the years because costly roofing repairs can be avoided, particularly if you use the services of a roof cleaning specialist in Woodley. It is much easier to spot potential problems like cracked or busted roof tiles and other ways in which moisture can get into the interior areas of your building, by keeping your roof free of a build-up of moss or dirt.

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The most frequent cause for a roof cleaning service being needed in Woodley is for the removal of the accumulation of lichen, algae, moss and dirt. Pretty much every roof in Woodley will face problems like this at some stage in it's lifetime, because these are natural occurrences that cannot really be avoided. You could opt to get a pressure washer out of the shed and clean your own roof, although be wary of trying this as a power washer can easily cause harm to your roof tiles, as well as making a lot of mess over your own and neighbouring properties - which I am certain that they will not be thrilled about!


Moss is a non-flowering, naturally occuring plant which grows across an area creating a thick layer of stems. It does not produce seeds and spreads onto nearby surfaces by the dispersal of spores. The weather-resisting layer can be damaged and the surfaces of cement, slate and clay tiles, pitted by moss which is left. Cracks and splits can manifest from such pitting, which can stop your home in Woodley from being weatherproofed.


Most experienced roof cleaning companies in Woodley, will use the preferred approach for moss removal, which is to scrape it off by hand. This is a low-impact but somewhat labour-intensive option for cleaning a roof, but it makes sense since it's much easier to clear up the waste matter afterwards and typically makes less mess. A washing solution is utilised to cleanse the remainder of your roof once all of the moss has been eliminated. A special treatment can be applied after this has dried out, to exterminate any surviving moss spores on your tiles. This biocide treatment will also kill off lichens and algae which can quickly build up in areas that don't get much sunlight. Even though the expression "soft washing" can also make reference to cleaning your roof without first scraping away the moss and other accumulations, this is the term that is commonly given to this method.

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If you failed to apply this biocide treatment like this, you'll likely notice some re-growth of moss on your roof just a few months after having it cleaned. However, your roof surfaces should stay moss free for three or four years if given a biocide treatment, and a 24-36 monthly retreatment should keep lichen, algae and moss at bay in the years ahead.

As soon as the roof has been washed a roof cleaning company in Woodley should also remove any debris which has fallen into your guttering system to stop any blockages, enabling rainwater to flow freely.


Pressure or jet washing might not just be a recommended method of roof cleaning, and most competent roof cleaning companies in Woodley will advise against this, particularly if there is any kind of damage to your roof and tiles, or if your property is over a certain age. The reasoning behind this is that a jet of water under pressure can easily penetrate the tiles, damage the waterproofing membrane and permit water to get into your property, causing more complications than it solves. Although you will pretty quickly find whether your roof has any leaks, it is not advisable to do this without expert guidance.

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The employment of a pressure washer, and the highly powerful jet of water that it sends out, can inflict serious damage on other components of your roof system, in particular gutters, soffits, pointing, flashings and fascias. At the very least, you could damage the waterproof finish on your tiles and significantly reduce their expected lifespan by using a basic, non-professional jet washer on your property's roof.

It's now time to understand that there are situations where using a pressure washer on your roof might be acceptable. A roof cleaning expert in Woodley will decide on the best strategy, after a survey of your roof and determining the level of cleaning which is required. They may conclude that jet washing will be the most practical and cost-effective solution for cleaning your roof, providing that your roof tiles are in a suitable state of repair.

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The pressure washers that are used by a professional roof cleaning company in Woodley have variable pressures for water flow. That being the case, throughout the cleaning procedure, no damage will be inflicted on your tiles. A treatment of biocide will be essential after washing, to prevent further growth of moss and algae.

If any kind of power washing service is offered by your local roof cleaning firm in Woodley, you should ask to see references from previous clients they've worked for, and ensure that they have sufficient insurance coverage. We should also point out that thatched roofs should never be power washed. If a Woodley thatched-roof cleaning company offers you this service you should politely decline their kind offer and send them on their way.


When reviewing the various alternatives for cleaning your roof, the most eco-friendly alternative of them all is steam cleaning. No harsh cleaning products or chemicals are needed to kill off the lichen, algae and moss on the roof, as the extreme temperature of the steam accomplishes this for you. The current focus is on ground breaking biocides which are sustainable and eco-friendly and cause no harm to the environment. "Green" anti-fungal treatments like Bioxide, which are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and suitable for use on any type of roof surface after the steam cleaning process, are being widely touted in the steam cleaning market.

When steam cleaning your roof, the pressure used is far less than that used by a standard jet washing system. As a result, there is far less chance that your roof will get damaged. The unfortunate fact is that when it comes to roof cleaning, the steam cleaning option is the priciest one.


When doing a clean on your roof in Woodley, whatever strategy you choose, the first thing that will need to be completed is laying out sheeting around your home to capture any falling moss and other grime. If scaffolding is required, this will need to be put in place, and down flow pipes will also have to be covered over to stop any loosened debris falling in and creating an obstruction.

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Any decent Woodley roof cleaning company should provide competent workers who observe all the Health and Safety regulations in relation to the use of protective goggles & gloves, not harming the environment, the safe use of chemicals and working at height best practice. Professional trade organisations, like EduPro UK, the "Roof Cleaning Institute UK" and the British Window Cleaning Academy (BWCA), hold info on certified and reliable roof cleaning specialists, and also offer training and accreditation for individuals wishing to enter this industry.

Always ask to see any professional memberships, references and pertinent certification, when you are obtaining quotes from a roof cleaning company, this will ensure that you are hiring a reliable and professional business in Woodley. In many cases a good roof cleaning firm in Woodley will have this information available to see on their website or printed brochure, and if not won't have any problem in providing it.

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It is not only in Woodley itself that you can get roof cleaning companies - surrounding places like: Arborfield, Whistley Green, Sonning Eye, Barkham, Hurst, Charvil, Sindlesham, Whitley, Caversham, Ruscombe, Sandford, Woosehill, Shinfield, Sonning, Arborfield Cross, Dunsden Green, Play Hatch can usually also be covered. It is probable that any roof cleaning services in the Woodley area will have the postcode RG5 and the phone code 0118. Verifying this should guarantee that you access locally based roof cleaning. Woodley home and business owners are spoiled for choice when looking for roof cleaning companies.

Soffit and Fascia Cleaning Woodley

Soffits and fascias are a vital part of the waterproofing system of your home in Woodley. They can be manufactured from aluminium, timber or uPVC and they all gather grime and dirt over time. This accumulation of grime is a natural occurrence of being exposed to the weather and cannot be stopped, but it can be successfully removed by an experienced roof cleaning service in Woodley. There are various strategies for cleaning your fascias and soffits and your roof cleaning service will choose the correct, and safest, way to do this. This could involve a water-fed pole system to spray high pressure jets from ground level, or could mean a full scaffolding set-up may be required, depending on the size of your property and the difficulty of the project. In some instances your roof cleaning specialists in Woodley will use personal protection equipment and ladders to complete the task. (Tags: Cleaning Soffits & Fascias in Woodley, Fascia & Soffit Cleaning Woodley, Soffit & Fascia Cleaning Woodley, Fascia Cleaning Woodley, Soffit Cleaning Woodley)

Asbestos Roof Cleaning

Undertaking asbestos roof cleaning, a hazardous and delicate procedure, should only be done by certified professionals who are equipped to handle it. The damaging health effects of asbestos were not yet discovered when it was commonly used in building materials, including roofing. To assess the potential health risks of your property's asbestos roof, inspection and testing are essential. If the roof is found to contain asbestos, it should be cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent the release of hazardous fibres into the air.

Meticulous removal of any debris and dust that might have accumulated on the roof requires the use of specialised techniques and equipment during the cleaning process by workers. Appropriate safety measures must be taken to protect workers and prevent contamination of surrounding areas. It is crucial to employ a reputable asbestos removal company with experience in asbestos roof cleaning to ensure the safety of everyone involved. It is advisable to inform your neighbours and the local authorities before undertaking any asbestos removal work to prevent the spread of harmful fibres into the surrounding areas.

Roof Sealing

An essential service that can protect your roof from leaks and damage is roof sealing. The application of a unique sealant to the surface of the roof creates a barrier that protects it from moisture intrusion and water damage.

Having your roof sealed can increase its longevity and spare you from having to pay for costly repairs later on. Roof sealing becomes a top priority in areas with unforgiving weather conditions, such as extreme heat, snow or heavy rain.

With the help of a proficient roof sealing service in Woodley, any current problems with your roof can be identified and the correct sealant can be recommended for the utmost protection of your premises. In the long term, it provides an economical solution to safeguard your roof and property. Furthermore, roof sealing not only helps to reduce heat loss in the colder months but also boosts the energy efficiency of your home. The integrity of your roof can be preserved over time by properly sealing it, which also helps to impede the formation of algae, moss, and various types of fungi.

Tips for Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is a crucial element of maintaining the functionality and longevity of your roof in Woodley. Neglecting regular cleaning can lead to an accumulation of debris, mould, and other harmful substances that can cause damage over time. Here are some ideas to help keep your roof clean and in tip-top condition.

  • Schedule Professional Cleaning: Regular professional cleaning can make certain that your roof is correctly cleaned and inspected for damage. This can help prolong the life expectancy of your roof and avoid costly repairs later on.
  • Use a Soft-Bristled Brush: When you're cleaning your roof, it's crucial to use a soft-bristled brush to avoid damaging the roof surface. A gentle scrub with a solution of soap and water can help remove any debris or muck.
  • Avoid Pressure Washing: Pressure washing can cause damage to your roofing material and should be avoided. Instead, opt for a gentle scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush and a cleaning solution.
  • Remove Debris Regularly: Debris such as leaves, branches and twigs can collect on the roof and retain moisture, which can easily lead to the growth of mould and mildew. Regularly removing this debris will help to keep your roof dry and clean.
  • Steer Clear of Chemical Cleaners: Chemical cleaners are usually aggressive and damaging to your roofing material. Instead, use a mixture of soap and water for cleaning, or consider environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

By following these tips, you can help keep your roof clean and in great condition. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help prolong the life expectancy of your roof and prevent expensive repairs down the road.

Flat Roof Cleaning

Both residential and commercial buildings in Woodley frequently have flat roofs. Although they offer several benefits, such as the easy installation of rooftop equipment and the usage of space, they also require specific maintenance, including routine cleaning. Regular cleaning of flat roofs is essential to preserve their functionality, structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Inclines provide natural water run-off, which is something that flat roofs lack, unlike pitched roofs. Flat roofs are more vulnerable to water pooling, debris accumulation, and the growth of algae and moss because of their design. If left unchecked, these problems can lead to serious damage and reduced life expectancy of the roof.

Key reasons why flat roof cleaning is vital:

  • Preventing Water Ponding: Flat roofs are prone to water pooling in low spots or depressions if they lack natural drainage. Standing water can lead to structural damage, leaks, and premature deterioration of the roofing materials. Cleaning your roof regularly will help ensure adequate drainage and prevent water from accumulating.
  • Minimising Debris Accumulation: Debris such as leaves, branches and muck can accumulate on flat roofs. This debris can cause drains to become blocked and impede the flow of water over the years. Potential water-related issues can be avoided by regularly cleaning and removing obstructions.

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Gutter Cleaning Woodley

Whilst your roof in Woodley is being cleaned, it would also be a wise idea to have somebody inspect your guttering system. The significance of the rain gutters on your property in Woodley cannot be overstated. The principal objective of gutters is to collect rainwater and funnel it away from the main structure of your home. This helps to reduce the chances of moisture damage to different parts of your dwelling, including masonry, windows, woodwork and roof components.

Gutter Cleaning Woodley

A regular cleaning schedule is important for gutters, because otherwise they will quickly get clogged with moss, grass, dead leaves, weeds, and shards of shattered roof tiles. A certain way to know that your guttering needs cleaning, is when you notice moss, plants or tufts of grass sprouting out over the top. If you find yourself in a situation such as this, it is time to bring someone in to expertly clean out your guttering.

In order to save some money you may be attracted to the idea of cleaning your own gutter system, although this isn't a task for the faint-hearted. If you are planning to clean your guttering system manually you'll most likely need a ladder, or possibly even a moveable scaffold tower. Although if your dwelling is a bungalow, you might manage to do it with some steps. Working up high isn't to everyone's taste, and hanging precariously from the rungs of a ladder will probably be even farther down most people's checklist of chosen activities.

By far the best way to get your gutters clean is to hire a specialist. When using a trained specialist, there is the added bonus that they will discover other problems whilst they are cleaning your gutter system, such as structural issues that you wouldn't see from ground level. They will sometimes do incidental repair work, adjust the slope of the guttering and replace gutter supports. This can help you save money, time and energy in the long run. If your gutters need clearing, click HERE to get an estimate.

Woodley Roof Cleaning Tasks

Roof Cleaning Tasks Woodley

There are a variety of tasks that can be carried out by a professional roof cleaning service in Woodley, and we've listed a handful of them here: conservatory roof cleaning in Woodley, 5 star roof cleaning Woodley, bespoke roof cleaning Woodley, eco-friendly roof cleaning, pressure washing, tiled roof cleaning, EPDM roof cleaning Woodley, roof coating, industrial roof cleaning, slate roof cleaning Woodley, jet washing, roof moss removal Woodley, driveway cleaning, skylight cleaning, render cleaning Woodley, facade cleaning in Woodley, bird deterrent installation, roof cleaning services, local roof cleaning Woodley, moss removal, flat roof cleaning, cheap roof cleaning, garage roof cleaning, roof sealing, exterior building cleaning Woodley, residential roof cleaning. These are just some of the tasks that are handled by people specialising in roof cleaning. Woodley professionals will be delighted to keep you abreast of their entire range of cleaning services. If there happen to be different Woodley roof cleaning requirements that you want but can't see here, you can mention them on the QUOTE FORM provided. We will get back to you with details just as soon as we are able.

Roof Cleaning Enquiries Berkshire

Roof Cleaning Enquiries Berkshire

Latest Berkshire roof cleaning posts: Vinnie Neville in Aldermaston Wharf was in need of someone to remove some moss and clean the tiled roof of his 2 bedroom house. Ela Macgregor asked for a price quote for cleaning a roof in Arborfield, Berkshire. Franklyn Arnold is enquiring about roof cleaning services for his semi-detached house in Cheapside. Mina Thornton and Carter Thornton enquired about cleaning a tile roof in Britwell, Berkshire. Mr and Mrs Pierce recently asked for an estimate for pressure washing a roof in Shinfield. Alara and Will Rose requested an estimate for cleaning a cottage roof in Barkham. Mr and Mrs Featherstone recently enquired about the possibility of cleaning a roof and some solar panels in Binfield, Berkshire. Martina Chappell and Denis Chappell recently enquired about getting a price for soft washing a roof in Ashmore Green, Berkshire. Most of these householders searched for "roof cleaning Berkshire" and found this webpage on either Bing, Google or Yahoo.


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